Premium Forex Signals Performance

Forex Signals Performance

Since we are providing a 15-day FREE trial to see the real performance, we stopped keeping daily records but posted all signals on our Facebook Page. But recently prop firm traders like FTMO  and some other traders have requested to keep trade history to analyze clearly risk/reward profit potentiality. We have started keeping all trade records recently – We have tons of Signal records on our Facebook Page and we are giving also 15 days FREE to evaluate signals.

August – 2023 401 Click to see details
September – 2023 409 Click to see details
October – 2023 100 Click to see details

The main Features of the Current Intstitional Trading method –

We have started a fully institutional trading method from Jun-2022. This changed all previous trading styles. Now the profit and risk-reward factors are upgratded. To understand better, here we are keeping all signals record with P/L. All previous performances were deleted due to it is not relevant to the current trading method.

  • Ensure Low Drawdown – Here Stop Loss is very small while the Take Profit is 2 to 5 Times Higher.
  • Since Take Profit (TP) is much higher than Stop Loss (SL) one profit trade can cover 2/3 of the losing trade
  • High Winning Ratio – Some weeks go without any loss
  • Some signals move to profit with ZERO drawdowns.
  • The number of Trading has been increased than earlier
  • As usual, we don’t send Random Signals only precious signals here you find.
  • Most of the signals are pending orders so you get enough time to enter the trade.

In the daily forex signals, we set the exact entry-exit price, you can utilize our target in many ways like scalping according to the direction so here a trader monthly can make 500 to 1000 PIPs easily by applying those entry-exit targets efficiently.

For a trader this very important to know the secure entry price and how long the price will move then anybody can do scalping, martingale, and other ways to make a profit from this.

Monthly Performance Records

Here Monthly Records are being kept. From June 2022 we are sending day trading signals only. Now no long-term signals. The best of our signals are now it is the pure institutional trading concept, with no retail logic work behind it. So here All signals are from June – 22 onward. In detail signals, we show the profit potentiality with every trade.

Month Profit (USD) Statement
July $2040 Details
August $4,896 Details

The risk / Reward ratio is 1:2 to 1:7. Please visit the detail link each month respective

How Does The Result Make YOU Profitable

Trading forex is being considered as a real business, not a hype or quick rich scheme. We design our forex service in this way that real traders can make a steady profit. With consistent trading with proper money management, our signal can yield a big profit.

We send the exact entry price, trade ideas, and exit price for all major and cross currency so a trader either can do scalping, day trade any sort of trading methods that can be used to get profit from those alerts. 

We provide a “Money Management Guide”  with every subscription to ensure that a trader can calculate the lot size as per his deposit and can maintain other money management factors.

We encourage the real traders to come & join us to make a nice profit. For this reason, we always keep the low price for our 3 months and VIP Signal package. With those packages, we also give access to our video training course.  In the guaranteed pips package we continue sending signals until reach the 2000 PIPs. We keep all types of facilities for traders. You can see  the price and facilities of the  Forex Signals Package

forex trading signals performance

Low-Performance Protection.

YOUR Peace To stay With Us

How We protect during – Down Time Forex market may not run equally always, sometimes the market can go with a lack of liquidity. During this time performance may not good. For this reason, in your subscription period, if there is not a good trade setup available or we make a low performance or even negative result, we support you to overcome. In this situation, we extend membership for free until you can back to good profit, this extended period could be a month but we don’t bill for this. Our objective is to make a profitable trader community, so we look after you all the way.

Accurate Forex Signals – With Real Trading Performances

As a best forex signals provider, Our signals are based on a reliable manual strategy. Still not Convinced See the Details Features Here  ➡➡