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We have tested this method for quite a long time, and thousands of our signal users have benefited from this method. Now it is available for everyone to make the same profit! Most importantly we present the course more practically than theoretically. So easy to understand and needs less time to complete.

This course is more than just a video course. FREE access to a private Trading forum where we will provide daily market reviews and trade setups & trading tips. Everything is designed to learn the method with real-life market examples. This will help you become a Pro of this method

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What YOU will learn,  From this course

Regardless of your trading experience, this course is designed to provide you with the best trading opportunities that we have used to achieve long-term profitability in trading. By learning to interpret smart money behavior through price action analysis, traders can gain insights into potential market direction and make more informed trading decisions.

Combinaiton of Smart Money Trading Concept, Price Action & Order Flow trading methods.

Learn to differentiate a the swing point from the high/low

Learn to Find out the potential Point of Interest (POI) and supply/Demand to detect secure entry. 

Learn to Find out which liquidity works, Real examples on inside & Outside liquidity. 

Find Out the Proper Imbalance of a movement. 

Learn Proper Market Mapping to Find the Trading Range

FREE member Area with daily, weekly Analysis on this method

Learn to detect the inside and outside out the Liquidity that provide the fuel of a POI

Learn to measure the strength of a POI to find the low risk entry Zone

Learn 5 Different Low-Risk Entry Points. Don’t Miss any single opporturnity. 

Benefits for a Trader,  More Relax More Profit…

Understanding of market mechanism will open the door to building up your own trading style along with our strategy. Trader can choose there own trading style and time – A great Freedoom all the way!

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Market moving mechanism

Learn the efficient and inefficient moves of the market and learn detecting appropriate imbalance 

learn how to detecte trend reverse

Proper Market Maping

The market moves rhythmically, and if you understand the correct market mapping, you can anticipate the rhythm. Learn knowledge of the appropriate market mapping

know hwo to detect trend reveral correctly

Remove Misconception

The course will help you to clear up any misunderstandings you may have about structural breaks, order blocks, and imbalances.

Detect The real Break of Structure

The course will clearly illustrate the difference between a genuine break in structure and a false one.

point of intereset in forex

Proper Imbalance

Accurately identifying the imbalance is crucial, as mistaken detection could cause you to miss the entry point.

POI/Supply/Demand and Its Strength

Learn how to identify potential points of interest and most importantly Learn to measure their strength to ensure the low-risk entries.

detect real point of interest in forex

Detect the Trading Range

Learn how to find the recent trading range and identify the low-risk entry zone.

smart money trading concept

Detect The Swing Point

Learn how to identify the most recent swing points and distinguish them from the high or low in the chart.

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Inside/Outside Liquidity

Learn how to identify the internal and external liquidity that fuels a POI.

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Five Types of Secure Entries

Learn about the five different types of risk entry and exit strategies, and understand which entry will be applicable depending on the market structure.

detect real poi

Prop Firm Trader Friendly Entries

Our entry types are suitable for prop firm traders as we teach low-risk and high-probability entries.

Forum Membership

In the private Forum, you will receive top-down analysis, as well as daily and weekly insights to help you become proficient in this course.

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Save YOUR Precsious Time

STOP Spending half your day looking here and there whyere to trade, learn this proven method, see the best entry in your finger tip!

top-down analysis forex

Seasoned traders rely on top-down analysis, By learning this course you will be able to do the same on currency, commodity, or stock market.

Traders often mistake a high/low break for a structural break, but a real structural break needs the contribution of   inside and outside liquidity. It’s also important to differentiate between efficient and inefficient movement. This course will teach you how to identify the Real Break of Structural and detect the swing points of a trading range. Understanding proper market mapping will make the rest easier for you.

Reason to Choose The Course? Step away from the Crowd!

 We shall teach you through real trading examples.

 It will not take much time, it is straightforward to get the right entry in the right situation. Because the truth is simple.

 The goal is to develop confident confident smart money traders, who can observe the market truly instead of lots of the wrong notions outside.

 Low-risk trading is our benchmark. We emphasize it.

 Ultimately, the course aims to prepare students to become funded traders in proprietary trading firms.

 You will get access to our trade setup as per the method that you will help to make a pro trader.

Why This Course is Unique? Here is The Reason.

This is a Practical Strategy based on our 11 years of experience in providing forex signals and analyzing the forex market.

The strategy is Developed by Mr. Roy, Founder and Signal Provider @ preferforex, contributor fxstreet and many forex authority sites

We served thousands of forex traders worldwide And achieved 5-star reviews for our accurate trading signal, honesty, and Best client support. Reviews in Forexpeacharmy

Trade Examples, low-risk high-profit targets …

Our smart money trading method is strategic analysis, risk management, and disciplined execution. You will be able to use in-depth market research and technical analysis, You will easily employ effective risk management techniques, such as setting stop-loss orders and proper position sizing.


Learn The Real Market Movments & take right decision

* Limited Seat Available.

Course Package,  That changes the wrong trading habits…

In the course curriculum, we have included only precise training. This is not like other training online that makes bulky content by story-telling or loads lots of irrelevant information, we feel it is unfair.   Any busy traders can absorb this course within a short time. We have presented the higher learning of forex trading in a very simple way… 

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Step by step video tutorial, simple and professional way presented the smart money trading concept with 5 types of secure entry.

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To help to reach the top we give you access to the Elite Private Forum, where we shall post daily, and weekly trade ideas to practice education, and a lot more secrets will be revealed here.

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Learn the Market Depth and footprint of Smart Money Traders, Be an Advanced Trader!

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