We found lots of time that some forex signals company copying our signals / directly copy our site content. So we feel we should create a awareness to our members and followers that if you find any similar content-website please  don’t be confused or do not think this is part of or as same as PreferForex service.

If a site copy our website content and write features that is similar with us which not means that they can make consistent profit like PreferForex! Moreover one should beware of them !

Our content original that is protected is Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that is Part of the US Copyright Law.

Earlier we have also found some of websites are copying our signals and site content directly that is clearly copyright infringement after our notice they had to stop such such illegal activities.

If you find any similarities with any website then you should think those are copied from us, because our content is unique. Our content and features is only for our signals type.

We are searching to find such activities. DMCA and Our online security team surveillance continuously to find out copying our forex signals or website content.

We can give lots of website links those are stealing our content but to keep their face I don’t like to mention here, members and reader can search in Google.

Thanks all,


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