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EURJPY Downtrend Gain $800

The trade successfully hit the take profit 121.92 today during London Session that is solid +80 PIPs gain.

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GBUSD Bought Gain +62Pips

The signal was on GBPUSD, that has been sent as a Buy Limit Order on 3rd June and it is hit the take profit on 4th June that gives +62 pips.

eurusd accurate forex signal

+50 Pips On EURUSD

The signal has been provided on 23rd May. It hit the Take Profit and give +50 PIPS profit to our members.

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Forcast For This Week

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EURUSD Rejected From 1.1265

According to my Previous Analysis, the target of the recent movement of the EURUSD is 1.1265 which is the upper…
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EURUSD is in 150 Pips Range

EURUSD is in 150 Pips RangeJune 2, 20191 EURUSD is now trading within 150 pips range. At the starting of…

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