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. Fundamental Analysis.

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Strategy – Combination of Market Flow & Pure Price Action

Our Trading Strategies are Pure Price Action and Order Flow. We found a combination of both strategies can give profitable forex signals that ensure low-risk trading with a big profit.  Subscribers can see practically how those trade setups work during the trial period.

High Reward vs. Risk

We keep a standard risk ratio that is 1:2 or 1:3. To maintain this, we preciously select a trade setup for fx signals. In order to gain a higher profit, a real trader must love this low-risk trading.

Easy to Use Signal

All signals come with entry, stop loss & take profit, anybody can easily execute trades. We set 2 take-profit targets, enable a trader to book profit portion before the trend moving to the opposite.

Reliable Forex Signals

We analyze the fx market both fundamental & technical aspects based on the order flow, inter-market relations. No retailer’s indicator or EA used.  Our focus is on keeping the service reliable.

All in One Forex Dashboard

(Inside the dashboard ONLY concise data for a forex trader, not information-overloaded)

How can YOU make a consistent profit with the dashboard? 

  • You can do scalping in a certain direction.
  • Take some swing trade as per prediction.
  • Day trading opportunity as per exact entry, SL, TP.
  • Learn money management well.
  • Trading Course on the market depth.

Low-Risk Trading Style

A true forex signals provider must have the best risk management strategies. Our signal structure is integrated with an effective low-risk technique. So institutional traders also depend on us. Importantly, we provide a free PDF guide on “Risk Management & Signals Using”.

Like a Pro Trader, YOU can apply the correct risk management strategies with the help of our following signals benefits – 

  • Bigger targets smaller stop loss ensure higher reward than risk.
  • We trade only swing & interday minimum of 50 to 200 PIPs TP.
  • We suggest a 2% risk and we show in our guide how to calculate this.
  • If any month’s performance is not good then we extend membership for FREE to recover.

Start forex trading like an expert without guesswork!

Secure Signals Provider

Cover up low-performance time

In your subscription period if there is no good trade setup or performance is low then we extend membership for FREE until you can make a minimum of a good amount of PIPs. As signal provider PreferForex introduces the first time this kind of security & really makes it true.

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Exclusive – Analysis

Maximum earnings

In the member area, you will get signals moreover,  you will find some exclusive chart analysis. That analysis will help you to maximize profit.

Our Popular Trading Strategy 

Trend Reversal Strategy: 
Find the best trend reversal price level based on market liquidity. Here you will learn to find out the best entry, exit levels in a very effective way. An early-bird registration offer is going on for the course. Read the course curriculum here.  Course Curriculum

What our Clients Say –

Here a few reviews from our subscribers in the ForexPeaceArmy moreover, numerous reviews in our email & some quoted in the review section

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Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is YOUR Trading Strategy?

We follow some pro traders’ strategy including pure price action, market flow, and fundamentals that ensure risk-free trading.

2. How many signals do you send for paid forex signals?
We send weekly  7 to 10 high probable long term and medium long term signals, we don’t trade frequently rather wait for a good entry.

3. How to active signal service?
As soon as you subscribe to any package we activate the service and let you know through a welcome email. Our support is 24/7 so you can contact us anytime.

4. For which pairs do YOU send signals?
Our signals on all major currency pairs and cross pairs.

5. Can I see a signal Example?
Signal example “Sell EURUSD from 1.1325 Stop Loss 1.1375
Take Profit 1.1265”.

More FAQ here

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