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Main Features

Smart Money

No. 1 reason traders love our trading signals is because of the smart money trading method.

Low Risk Setup

All trade setups previously defined 2/3 times higher than stop loss ensure low risk.

Consistenet Profit

Since every step we take here by professional traders backed, here chance of making consistent profit.

Why Trader Choose Our Signals?

Easy to Use Signal

All signals come with entry, stop loss & take profit, anybody can easily execute trades. We set 2 take-profit targets, enabling a trader to book the profit portion before the trend moves to the opposite with tight SL.

Reliable Forex Signals

We analyze the forex market in both fundamental & technical aspects based on the order flow, and inter-market relations. No retailer logic, indicator, or EA is used.  Our focus is on keeping the service reliable.

High Reward vs. Low Risk

We keep a standard risk ratio that is 1:2 to 1:8. Based on the smart money concept we select a trade setup for forex signals. In order to get a decent portfolio with good profit, a real trader must love this low-risk trading.

Live Forex Trade – By our Signal

Here Live Forex signals example, you can see the power of high reward and low-risk trade setup. To find precious entries we use the institutional trading concept.

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Professional Forex Signals

Like a Pro Trader, Apply the correct risk management strategy

Our signal structure is integrated with an effective low-risk technique. So institutional traders also depend on us. Importantly, we provide a free PDF guide on “Money & Risk Management”.

We follow 2% risk and we show in our guide how to calculate this.

FREE Trial for 15 days and comparatively low-cost subscription fee.

We trade only swing & interday minimum of 50 to 200 PIPs TP.

FREE membership to recover downtime.

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Convenient Way – To Recive Siganls

As soon as you join your email and WhatsApp number are added to our database. We ensure that you will receive every signal, update, and close notification smoothly.

Institution Strategy – Step out from retailers

Order Flow is one of the most popular trading systems among Institutional trading methods. But to understand the method needs to practice this with the correct methodology for a long. We make it simple and we share this by chart analysis and trading signals.

Have Any Questions About our Service?

Send us a Message or Call on WhatsApp at +16067210858

Genuine Forex signals provider

As an established Forex signals provider, We have built very loyal followers. Our signal structure is highly recommended by our members. There are numerous real forex signals users’ reviews across various websites. Members are impressed by the professional signals, and by our customer support as well. Our Whatsapp and email support are always in your hand.

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What our Clients Say –

Here are a few reviews from our subscribers in the ForexPeaceArmy More on the review section

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Recent Trades

Live trade examples by following are our signals.

How to Subscribe FREE Trial


Go to the Pricing Page

Click any trial button or Pricing from Menu, Select any package, and click on the ‘Strat FREE’ button.


Input necessary information

Now provide your name and other information in the shoping card and submit.


Input your WhatsApp and email

Redirect to the ‘Thank you page’ here just share your email and WhatsApp. Now wait for recvining siganls.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is YOUR Trading Strategy?
We follow some pro traders’ strategies including pure price action, market flow, and fundamentals that ensure risk-free trading.

2. How many signals do you send for paid forex signals?
We send weekly  7 to 10 high probable long-term and medium long-term signals, we don’t trade frequently but rather wait for a good entry.

3. How to active signal service?
As soon as you subscribe to any package we activate the service and let you know through a welcome email. Our support is 24/7 so you can contact us anytime.

4. For which pairs do YOU send signals?
Our signals on all major currency pairs and cross pairs.

5. Can I see a signal Example?
Signal example “Sell EURUSD from 1.1325 Stop Loss 1.1375
Take Profit 1.1265”.

6. Do I need to Change My Broker?
NO, YOU can trade with your existing account and broker, We don’t have any affiliation with any broker.

Signals Service Updates

The institutional trading method has been fully integrated with our trading signal in the middle of  Jun-2022. This strategy changes all previous trading styles. Now the profit and risk-reward factors are very impressive. To see performance Just get the FREE trial

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