GBP/USD Reach The Target 1.3180

Last day in US session we forecast GBPUSD going up to 1.3180 the trend intact and reach the target and moving more to the resistance level 1.3286 Now expecting a pull back to to support 1.3156. Here the Last day forecast on GBPUSD
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EURUSD Uptrend Continued

forex signal
EURUSD earlier formed a triangle that has broken through the resistance line today in Asia Asia Session. The price action indicates the bullish price movement forecast for the next few hours towards 1.1274. That’s a buy signals for sort term.
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GBP/USD Next Target 1.3180

gbp usd forex price movement
GBPUSD continued to channel Down. This pattern is still in the process of forming. We expect bullish price movement towards the resistance 1.3180 within the next couple of days.
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AUD/USD Target Level: 0.7070

forex trading
AUDUSD formed inverse head and solder in 1 hour chart. This pattern still forming possible price action is uptrend if the trend intact then price will reach towards the resistance 0.7070within the next few hours.
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EURUSD Weekly Technical Analysis July 29

forex fundamental view
EURUSD Technical Overview The EURUSD pair remains in range and moving sideways after the ECB and US GDP economic data. After an upside push, the pair bottomed at 1.1620, on Friday that is the lowest since July 19. Currently, the strong support at 1.5740 and it’s too early to...
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How We made +105 PIPs NFP Release Sep’17

US NFP trading rules
Non-farm payrolls data is the key fundamental indicator for U.S economy which is a monthly statistic representing how many people are employed in the US, in manufacturing, construction and goods companies. This term can also be known as NFP. Non-Farm Payroll Predictions There are several other key pieces...
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Ahead of NFP our Trading Positions

NFP forex trading secret
Ahead of August Nonfarm Payroll (NFP) report today the dollar is trading with a comparatively strong. ADP survey data were also surprised that private sector added 237K whereas the expectation was 185K. The ADP data was higher then last 5 months. All other relative data showing US job...
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EURUSD is continuing bullish with the target of 1.2040.

After a short term bearish retracement, ERUUSD is again moving bullish. It has broken its recent high on last Friday. There are some short term supports at 1.1890 and 1.1846 and these are the possible targeted zones of bearish corrective movement. Still, we have not found any indication...
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