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Important Update on Money Management for Secure Profit

Money management method updated to get more secure profit

Preferforex is dedicated to making even better trading result every day. In the last month we were in the planning and testing some profit booster methodology through money management. Those who are not familiar with our forex trading signals service I like to mention that we not only send forex signal we also give a money management guide for proper utilizing of signals to take out the best profit with low risk. As money management is the most important in forex trading success Previously we have posted importance of money management in forex trading.

So what have we improved in our money management system?

To make profit easier with our signal we have modified our trade management system. Now we are using two take profit levels instead of 3. Now trade management is easier than before.

It’s simple just on the first take profit we suggest to close a large portion of total lot that is 70% of lot to grab a quick profit then move the stop loss at the entry point to make the remaining position secure. Then keep the remaining 30% of lot open for the higher target of second take profit.

Example of signals – Buy USDCAD from 1.2860 SL 1.2825 TP 1.2900, 1.2950

Always we keep updating a running signal till closing through an email alert. Such kinds of trade management policy can create a good chance to grave a highest benefit from a trading alert.

It’s as simple as ABC, we have given detailed picture and step by step tutorial in our small money management guide that is free for all subscribers. Anyway, if a trader like to trade as GET SET AND FORGET style and not have enough time, then he can close full lot of trade after reaching in the first target.

We are getting good profit also in current month

We have made +225 from 3 trades in first weeks this is just one week profit hope a handsome profit till end. All of signals were pending order that meant trader as usually trader get plenty of time to enter those trades. Just an example as follows –

forex trading signals money management