About PreferForex

PreferForex was founded at the start of 2013 by an experienced team with years of experience in forex and other financial markets. Gradually our service became huge Popular in the forex trader community by providing forex technical analysis, Forecast, and signal.

Last 8 Years PreferForex has become the trusted brand among the forex trader community globally for its market analyzing and providing a high accuracy forex signal.

We included a forex education service as per our client’s request recently. Our Master trader Roy is well known in the forex industry and a contributor also in fxstreet.com that is a prestigious forex analysis site.

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About Our Trading Strategy

Our trading strategy is based on market-moving mechanism, Intermarket co-relationship, market sentiment, and market flow analysis.


Those Strategies Are Reliable?

Certainly, This is not something we invented, infect from the beginning of spot forex trading the market works on the basis of those factors, we just use the strategy efficiently. We would like to tell a brief as follows –

Forex order flow Trading Strategy is based on the interbank market which is the big player of the market that includes commercial and investment banks. As you know liquidity for trading is funneled through the interbank market. So it is highly important to use order flow information to make the right trading decision.

Price Action Strategy is a simple powerful trading strategy that you need only a blank chart and knowledge on where price changed occurred. Price action is better then indicator-based trading. This is the real way of trading.

Learn Strategy: We giveaway “Order Hunting Trading Strategy” Video tutorial, PDF, and relevant tools for serious traders who subscribe to our Premium & VIP package Here our Professional Signals Packages

About Our Site

Prefer Forex is a site all about the foreign exchange market. Here contain forex trading news, opinions, daily and weekly forex analysis, basics of the forex market, insights about the forex industry, forex tutorials, and more attractive forex trading signals.

Prefer Forex started the journey to keep in mind to help people to become a real forex trader. All of the analysis and Signal developed by real people stand behind the site.

We Do Something Special

Minimum 25 PIPs Profit Each Trade

All of our forex signals comes with a minimum of 25 PIPs take profit. So a trader can make a profit easily. We don't provide for 2/4 pips profit making signals as such profit is not realistic because of broker spread and slippage.

Steady Profit Making

There are not any thousands of PIPs profit making an unrealistic promise we made. Our signals for Genuine trader who take forex trading as a business not get rich quick manner by investing a few amounts.

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