Our Winning Trade During US Election Result Declaration

 We were short on EURUSD and Made +180 PIPs

During the announcement of the US Election results, the forex market was very active, and we took advantage of the opportunity to gain +180 pips on EURUSD.

The forex market was in a state of heightened volatility and activity during the announcement of the highly impactful political factor US election results. As a seasoned trader, we recognized the potential opportunities presented by the turbulent market conditions driven by the significant geopolitical events unfolding.

Closely monitoring the EURUSD currency pair, The combination of our analysis and the increased market volatility allowed our members to capitalize on the situation, ultimately generating a substantial gain of +180 pips on your EURUSD position.

There were lots of analyses and forecasts regarding forex trading in this huge event of the 2016 US Election. We also had the preparation and observing the market accordingly. We did not trade the last day but today when I found that EURUSD moving greatly that indicated something deep on the market. As per my trading style, I went short on EURUSD.

We send a forex signal as pending order as follows-

Sell EURUSD from 1.1230 SL 1.1335 TP 1.1140, 1.1050

us election and forex market

Since the market was moving fast the limit order was triggered immediately after then it went to some pips opposite and completing this price action, the price again down toward our target got+180 PIPs profit

To trade in such a situation needs a good market understanding ability with a lot of forex market knowledge. Our members enjoyed the signal and made a handsome profit. The EURUSD currency pair became highly bearish after the recent US presidential election. 

us election and forex trading

Mr. Donald J. Trump won in this election, the US got a new President.  So, whoever you support Trump or Hillary our forex signal made all of our members happy today!


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