Surely Idetify The Liqudity Zone & Pull YOUR Profit

Track Order Hunting Zone.

Identify Daily Actionable Area.

Catch The Most Volatile Time

Open & Close in Same Day

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About The Trading Strategy

Learn The Market Depth

Video tutorials on market structure & liqudity functions.  This is to guide you market conditions and where to entry & where to close.

Order Flow is The King!

This is daily trading strategy  based on order flow.  To collect the liquidity market moves in way.  This method helps to Track the flow.

Key of Reversal Zone

The market first time collect the order and after clearing out all order. Here we will show how to spot these to identify reversal point.

Real Trading Zone Of Market

This strategy help you to detect the zone where a large move can start. In this zone the market reacts mostly.

Little Time Need to Trade

This method is for saving time. Just come a specific time in a day, find the setup, make the profit then go back.

No Lagging Indicator

It is based on market structure, It make you to understand the price behavior/action & identify the high probable setup.

We’hv built Trading Strategy With Education

Education on Market Depth

Forex Market basically moved by order flow. We make it easy to understand in our video tutorials. Here you will learn the real depth of the market.

A Trading Strategy – That Work

We give all tools and guidelines with the method to make you a successful forex trader.  This one-stop solution for trading accurately by yourself.

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Live Trades  By The Strategy

All in One Education Dashboard

We have built a modern e-Learning dashboard that is user-friendly. Anybody can learn from video tutorials step by step. You will have all the necessary tools and pdf guides also here. As soon as you join, we shall send you login information to use this.

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How to Trade  By The Strategy

1. Mark Trading Zone

By following the video instruction first analyze the selected pairs, it needs the highest 10 minutes. With the help of our indicator just mark the trade setup zone.

2. Enter A Trade

Wait for the price to go to the selected zone and see if it is fulfilled the entry rule as per system principle, then enter the trade.

3. Close A Trade

The strategy show YOU how to measure expected price movement. It helps to close a trade after reaching the profit zone.

Order Hunting Strategy  Online course,  Trading System & Private Forum.

This Couse Empowers YOU to Trade by Yourself Like a Pro.

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Videos on The Method

Videos containing step by step tutorials, chart examples to understand the method.

Relevant Tools

Tools for  identifing trade setup and timing to entry, exit a trade.

Strategy In PDF File

PDF files on the strategy and guide how to install necessery tools.


Need a Personal Support?

After purchasing the strategy pack, if you need any personal support, we shall help you all the way personally.

One Time Payment Only

Make one time payment and trade for all the time with the great strategy.

Have Questions?

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Order Hunting Strategy. Let It Works For YOU!

The course is online-based, all videos and tools are accessible in Learning Management System.