Forex signals performance from January to March – 2015

Forex trading is potentially one of the most profitable types of investment available. With adequate financial market knowledge, making money is entirely possible. As a leading forex signals provider, PreferForex has accountability to help our worldwide subscribers to evaluate their trading by following our signals. For this principle here we are going to study our first quarter forex trading signals performances-

We have started January -2015 with some good profitable signals and continuing profiting till March.

January: In January we made 278 pips. Due to year staring market movement was slow and consequently we have to provide fewer numbers of signals during the first week of January but gradually the market became volatile and our numbers of signals also increased. Total 12 signals have provided were 4 losing and 8 profitable signals with around 67% winning rate.

February: We have started February with a bit slower due to the unfavorable market condition. But gradually the situation, overcome and at the end of the February we made 180 pips profit with Total 12 signals has provided were 4 losing and 8 profitable signals with around 67% winning rate. Below some trades of the month of February-15

March: On March we made 262 pips. The second week was a bit slower due to the unfavorable market condition. But at the end of a month, it became very profitable for our members. Total 13 signals have provided where 4 losing and 9 signals made a profit that is around 70% winning rate. Below some trades of the month of March-15

On the above quarterly performance study, it is realizable you can decently grow your account in a medium-term trading plan by following our well-organized forex signals provider. We send mostly pending order and many of our signals hit tp without any drawdown like catching stream highs/lows.

Here good footmarks of consistency in making the profit. If you observe you may notice in our performance that a few forex signals go opposite & soon we cover up this loss and out from the market with a big profit. Thus make our service is solely for customer oriented.

To make money with forex trading needs to learn at least the basics of foreign exchange. Readers are welcome to read the blog where we post trading tips and most importantly Roy’s simple and effective market flow and price action basis trading forecast. You can also get it your email for free by subscribing our email list.

In the case of beginner trader after gathering some knowledge on forex trading in the second step you can open a free demo account with any broker. This demo account is free you can try a different strategy in the different demo account. Here’s a question we usually face, which broker should I choose? A big question indeed, In general, we say good reputation ECN broker you can choose. That can save your trading cost, ensure good execution and best price quote show. Infect it can be vast a discussion that which broker needs to choose. In this short topic, I may not cover the whole. Hopefully, later we shall post a topic on broker selection with some insight.

Analyze a currency pair all possible aspects. As per our years of experience trading for self and group of people and also providing Forex signals to individual trader or institution, we understood lagging indicators can hazy chart but not for making the profit. Pay attention to the basic fundamental forecast see how it affects to certain currency, realize which event can move markets. Without this basic fundamental they’re also concerned some other macro events. Therefore, our trader panel involved in scanning market various ways that make dependable forex trading signals for you.