Forex News Trading Tips

Forex news trading signal- make hundreds of pips in minutes

Just put your money in forex and you can make thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes exchanging news. Do you think this is realistic? Well, it is certainly possible! When new listings are published, the market can move 50-100 pips in a few minutes. All this seems very promising, no? How do you look for entry considering your forex signal? Well, let’s take a look at new trading and how you can benefit.

Why should you trade the news?

News can give you the opportunity to earn money very serious, very quickly. And since news is published by the country throughout the day, you can earn money in the morning, evening, or night. The key is to learn to trade profitably news. With the reward of a lot of money also comes the risk of losing a job.

how to trade with Forex news

What currencies should you trade?

When you trade the news, you want to exchange currencies that are greatly affected by these releases. So that means you need to trade major world currencies – the U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, euro, and pound sterling. Do not worry – even with those few currencies, you get a lot of news trading opportunities.

When does the economic news releases?

News is published (usually) during the morning hours of the country releasing the news. So the United States, new emerge between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM Eastern. European news releases around 3 AM Eastern. Japanese news is released around 19 pm Eastern. there are lots forex news calendar online below the pic of Click to see today news release

trade with forex news

Get Trading Plan in Advance

And there’s an even better chance! Press releases are planned and published weeks in advance. This means that you can study and prepare to make it your own forex signal to trade. Just do a Google search for “forex news calendar.” Oh, do not forget to convert the release time to your local time zone!

Need to Observe Related Data

There are some significant economic data published in a various source like in forexfactory or other forex news forecasting site. Most of the time the same types of economic data follows one another. New traders often entry a trade depending on the 1st report. That’s a mistake and after publishing related 2nd data market goes opposite. So a trader needs the patient to observe related data before enters a trade.