We have completed another successful trading month, the month of September 2016. We have given a total of 9 signals where 8 are winning signals and only 1 is losing signals. The winning rate is 89%. The market was in a slight range in September, especially in EURUSD and we have to pick out only the high probable set carefully, this is the reason for providing a bit fewer signals this month. But finally, we have managed a great profit for our members.

September trading review at a glance:

Total numbers of pips gain = 426, total numbers of signals= 9, total numbers of winning signals= 8, losing signal=1, Accuracy/ winning rate= 89% all of the signals were pending order which means all signals send some time before the market moved. This most advantageous than real-time forex signals since after getting SMS or email our trading signal subscribers get plenty of time to enter trade NEED NOT to sit all the time in front of the terminal just need to set entry price and target price, and stop loss properly.


This month we traded on 3 pairs which  are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD

Here is the screenshot of some winning signals. All of the signals were Pending Order:

daily forex signal

best forex signal

forex signal

buy forex signal

We have entered another month in the month of October. Hope to continue making a profit. You can bookmark our page to up to date on our trading results. Join PreferForex the best forex signal provider