Report on 6 Months Trading Result 

A case study can save our time to evaluate a potential service. At PreferForex we try to make a clear view of our trading performance and give the chance to evaluate every trader. Besides regular updating our forex signals performance, we publish a case study from time to time. Here is the half-yearly trading performance report of PreferForex. As usual, the report is vivid & concise trading information loaded.

Brief of our forex signals services: PreferForex provides both long term and short term signals with specific entry price, take profits and stop loss. All most all signals are pending orders so followers get enough time to execute all signals. We make hundreds of real pips every month, but not any unrealistic promise of making thousands of pips. For short term signals take profit range 20 to 60 PIPs and for long term 50 to 200 PIPs. We don’t count highest PIPs from signals just count the targets which hit and never count small profit like 5,6 PIPs. That’s all features are needed for a good forex signal to maintain a decent earning. [/highlight]

Jan to June PIPs +1750 Average P/M +292 PIPS As Follows- 

Half Yearly Performance of -2016 at a Glance

In the first 6 months of this year, there are 4 good performing months that is Feb, March, April & June, on the other hand, January and May are not good. Highest PIPs gain was in February that is +680 PIPs whereas the previous month January performance was not good. In the month of May we also gain low pips but in the month of June gain +394 pips that are enough to back in profit. The total gain in the reported is +1750 PIPs and average gain p/m 292 PIPs. That’s good enough to keep your account profitable.

Graph View of PIPs Gain from January to June 2015

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Keeping CONSISTENCY in Profit-Making

This is the character of this high volatile forex market it has ups and downs. Since here country economy, politics and many more related factors that influence the market greatly. But still, we can safely trade based on our battle-tested strategy and Roy’s powerful market analysis. To make a consistency profit there are two things required:

a) Ability to make decent profit

b) If there is any loss you need the ability to recover it.  

As you can see January month was a losing month since the market was less volatile BUT we cover up greatly and back into profit in the month of February with +680 PIPs profit. The month of May also not so good, only made +47 PIPs BUT in the month of June market prevail the chance and made +393 Pips that’s enough to back in good profit.

Need not to be worried to see the low performing month as the subscription is covered by guaranteed PIPS

In fact, monthly solid 150 Pips can generate a decent profit so we have the guaranteed pips features depending subscription period its 150 to 1200 PIPs guarantee. Here the more about

We Encourage to Join Real Forex Traders

As usual in the overview of 6 months, we found sticky traders can bring a good output from the market with our trading signals, so we say long lasted sticky trader never been lost and this is the character of the forex market. We encourage to join with us only risk aware, real trader. For the same reason, we don’t offer a free trial or such lucrative offers that may drive most of the time unrealistic trader to join.

If you have a wish to gain in the market, then simply DON’T evaluate this only for a small period of time like 1 week or 1 month. Because this is a big volatile market with lots of fundamental, Intermarket relation here.

Now The month of July running we have already made +120 PIPs details performance here

The last signal was on GBPUSD that made +67 PIPS.

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