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Forex Signals For Genuine Traders

Last few weeks we the PreferForex traders come back with own character which is just like making a profit is a passion for us. Trades were just as like as art which sparks the beauty of how a trade catches from extreme low or high and also low risk /reward ratio.

Bad time also comes to us and we can entertain this correctly. Yes, we have just got a ride from a crucial time for last 3 months somehow our trade management not properly coped up with the market. Most of the order did not trigger or not hit target level for 0.5-4 pips then it went to stop loss. That was very painful to see a profit trades are going to be losing trade. We faced this from September-2015 after few weeks we realized we should manage our break-even level a bit differently and we do so accordingly.

real forex signals

Example of a Forex Signals November’15

We also adapt some module of our strategies for entry and exit a trade. We send our forex signals with an exact entry point, take profit or target levels, stop loss to maintain the good risk-reward ratio. So for our member, we must settle in a strategy by keeping in mind that where the best entry, target and stop losses.

From last 3 weeks of this month November-2015, we achieved some attractive profit only 1 loss. We never leave our members in crucial time we are keeping the continuation of sending signals to cover up losses by offering them a free membership. Some members subscribed for 1 month but having service for 3 months without any charge in this time to recover the loss. We found that if a trader follows our trade management guide (for member only) and signals he/she must be able to keep safe his account from unexpected draw-down or margin call. Anyway, hopefully, everything is fine now. To recover any bad situation in trading we have. How does the guarantee work? Click to see

Forex should not be treated as gambling. Usually profit, loss evaluate on the yearly basis. But we think minimum 3 months can be also assessed to see constancy. A trader always looks for genuine forex signals provider, on the other hand, a real forex signals provider also want to get only actual traders to offer hassle free support. In this view, we encourage only risk aware / real trader to join us.

NOT: The Signal service now as a trade copy / managed account service.