EURUSD Technical Outlook: Bearish Trend Continues

Here is a shorter version of the key points:

1. The bearish trend continues in the EURUSD pair.
2. The pair broke below the critical 1.2500 support level, confirming the bearish outlook.
3. The previous target of 1.2450 was reached successfully.
4. Analysts expect continued bearish momentum in EURUSD.
5. The next target levels are 1.2330 and 1.2240, significant support zones.
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In our latest EURUSD Technical Outlook, it’s clear that the EURUSD pair is exhibiting a strong bearish bias. This aligns with our previous predictions and reflects ongoing market trends.

Breaking Down Recent Movements

We observed the EURUSD break below the critical support level at 1.2500, a significant move that confirmed the bearish outlook. This breach was followed by a pullback to retest the 1.2500 level, only to resume its downward trajectory shortly after. Our earlier target of 1.2450 was met successfully.

Next Projections: Bearish Momentum Sustained

As per the current market conditions, we anticipate continued bearish momentum. The next target is the price level of 1.2330 and subsequently 1.2240. These levels are crucial as they represent significant support zones that, if broken, could lead to further declines. Get Details Forex Signals from the Expert 


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Key Levels to Watch

Support Levels: 1.2330 and 1.2240 are our immediate focus. These levels are crucial for the continuation of the bearish trend.
Resistance Levels: On the upside, any pullback towards 1.2450 will be closely monitored. A sustained move above this level could indicate a potential reversal.


In conclusion, the EURUSD pair is firmly in a bearish trend. Both technical and fundamental analyses support the view of continued downside movement. So let’s monitor the market, and focus on these key levels and underlying economic indicators.

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