EURUSD Short Term Downside To Retest POI – SMC Perspective

Exploring Key Levels and Trends for this week –

EURUSD Short-Term Downside To Retest POI at extreme 1.8799. to collect liquidity. but the main trend is still bullish after retracing to the point of interest (POI) it will be bullish again toward the daily potential supply zone.

eurusd forex short term downside


In the above chart, the EURO dollar shows the short-term downside movement towards the Point of Interest (POI) here 2 POIs we market can reach both or any one extreme level at 1.8799. This retracement is strategically designed to collect liquidity, creating a potential buying opportunity for traders.

While the short-term outlook suggests a temporary bearish, it’s important also that the main trend of the market is bullish. We show in the chart it will be moved again to its main trend.  So it emphasizes the overall positive sentiment in the market.

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