EURUSD overall outlook

The market has been displaying a bearish trend following the prior supply zone. However, we are currently witnessing a notable corrective move to the upside. This corrective move can be seen as a temporary pause or a retracement within the larger bearish trend.      

Supply Zone and Retracement:

Supply zones are price levels where an abundance of sell orders exists, creating a potential resistance area for further upward price movement. While the market is in a bearish trend, it is crucial to identify significant supply zones as they can act as potential turning points for a corrective move. Traders often pay close attention to these levels as they provide valuable insights into the strength or weakness of the bearish trend.

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As always, it is crucial to approach the market with a well-defined trading plan, risk management strategy, and a disciplined mindset. Stay informed, adapt to changing market conditions, and make informed trading decisions based on a thorough analysis of the available information.

How to Trade here 

🔺 The corrective move, on the other hand, presents an opportunity for buyers to enter the market at more favorable prices, possibly leading to a temporary relief rally. But we have given here a clear short trading setup. As traders, it’s essential to keep a close eye on key levels and price action to assess the strength and duration of the corrective move. While the market might see a bounce, it’s crucial to remain cautious as the bearish trend remains dominant.

Finally, during this corrective phase, we are witnessing a temporary respite from the dominant bearish pressure. But we expect this week a nice sell-off.

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