Usually, we send less number of forex signals because the trading opportunity depends on market condition and some other factors. Since we maintain a standard risk ratio for our daily forex signals we have to scan market various way to check how the prediction will play.  BUT if our trader panel found a good condition then never miss.

Today we have sent two signals both make a nice profit and consequently, our premium members also enjoyed the good trading day. Both signals were sent as pending order first one Hit TP1 and another alert hit TP3 got to grab the highest profit within a short time.


Today’s first trading signal of this day was as follows:

Pending Order: Short Term
Buy EURUSD from 1.0582 SL 1.0557
TP 1.0608, 1.0628, 1.0640

daily forex trading signals
Second forex signals was as follows :

Pending Order: Short Term
Buy EURUSD from 1.0595 SL 1.0570
TP 1.0618, 1.0638, 1.0660

This trade alert reach to TP3 and Made +65

daily forex signals on eurusd