performance  Review April – 2015>
The month of April was very profitable and our members enjoyed a lot with some handsome profit. We made total +351pips. The highest profit we made that was +65pips and lowest profit was +25pips and the highest loss was 26pips. We provided total 12 signals. And out of 12 signals we made profit from 9 signals and make loss from 3 signals. Signal accuracy was 75%. We provided most of the signals of EURUSD. Among 12 signals 11 signals were on EURUSD and only 1 signal was from the other currency which was on NZDUSD. And all of our daily forex signals of this month were pending orders.

From the above performance study you may notify about the consistency and accuracy of our signal and these are our main features. We trade in discipline way with our well structured Forex signals. You may also notify our well organized and good risk/rewarded signals are very helpful for a decent account growth.