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Find Out The Best Reversal Trade Entry

100% Order Flow Based

About The Strategy, Advanced Trader Builder!

This is a reversal trading strategy, based on the order flow method.

You will learn the key reversal point on weekly basis.

You will learn how to find out the exact entry point, stop loss and where to place take profit.

Understand the FX market mechanisms, which will open many opportunities in trading.

A practical Strategy based on Market Depth.

best forex reverse strategy

Benefits for a Trader,  More Relax More Profit…

This understanding of order flow will open the door to building up your own trading style along with our strategy.

forex reversal tools

Never Glue On Chart

You do not need to watch the chart all the time to have a trading opportunity. When you learn the strategy then the market will show you when there is an opportunity to trade.

learn how to detecte trend reverse

Learn The market mechanism

Easily find the best entry & exit price level for a trade setup. Clearly know the reason behind a setup & know the perfect perfect timing.

know hwo to detect trend reveral correctly
Confident Trade Setup

You will learn to detect the cyclic movement of the market and what is the market behavior before reversal happen. This market mechanism knowledge enables you to trade confidently.

High Winning Rate

This is a very effective trading strategy, as per the market backtesting, we found that almost 80-90% of the time this strategy will give you profit.

Reason to Choose The Strategy? Step back from the Crowd!

Generally, traders use RSI, Stochastic, MACD, and Candlestick formation to find overbought or oversold. From this level, they expect to start reversal trading. But it is very rare to find accuracy with those indicators. Thus, traders switch one to another or mix up all and make a fancy chart only.

Common indicators or systems draw on the chart based on past data that happened already. Those cannot analyze what is the recent liquidity condition of a currency pair. Liquidity is the main market mover, our system teaches you to understand the liquidity functions in the different cycles of the market.

To find the best key reversal levels traders have to understand the market mechanisms which show what happens in the next phase. Hence, traders can detect reversal accurately without indicators. In this course, you will learn this technique to be a successful trader.

Why Do YOU Choose Us? Here is The Reason.

This is a Practical Strategy based on our 8 years experience of providing forex signals and analyzing the forex market.

The strategy is Developed by Mr. Roy, Founder and Signal Provider @ preferforex, contributor fxstreet and many forex authority sites

We served thousands of forex traders worldwide And achieved 5-star reviews for our accurate trading signal, honesty, and Best client support.
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easy profit reversal strategy

Trade Examples, low-risk high-profit targets …

This is EURUSD pair. The trade has been taken based o this strategy. That gives a nice profit.

This is GBPUSD pair. The trade has been taken based o this strategy. That gives a nice profit.

The Course Curriculum Short & Precise only.

In the course curriculum, we have included only precise training. This is not like other training online that make bulky content by story-telling or load lots of irrelevant information, we feel it is unfair.   Any busy traders can absorb this course within a short time. We have presented the higher learning of forex trading in a very simple way… 

Learn about Liquidity Functions

Mechanism of trending and ranging market

When the market reverse

How the weekly market moves

Market Rejection Pattern – by Order Flow Technique

Find out the trade setup

Best time to enter a trade

Detecting exact entry Stop and Take Profit

Real Trade Examples

Money Management

Course Package,  That changes the wrong trading habits…

Video course on chart analysis, entry, TP, SL

Trade idea chart post in member area

Tools to step back from crowd trading. 

eBook to getting more from the training.

This course is for those – who want to see the market depth and want to stop losing by the false direction of the trendline, support resistance &  many indicators. If you want to step back from the old, common trading system this is the right place for YOU.

Learn the Order Flow Reversal Strategy, Be an Advanced Trader!

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