Forex Signal Performane – Sept’ 2019

Total PIPs Gain +591 PIPs.  We One take profit no multiple TPs. So 1 lot tade value aprx. $5910 Profit in one month!

1EURCADSell1.52701.53851.5070TP Hit200
2NZDUSDSell0.63800.64500.6250SL Hit-70
3GBPNZDBuy1.96751.95801.9800SL Hit- 95
4EURUSDSell1.12101.12351.1160SL Hit-25
5GBPCADBuy1.70301.70301.7110SL Hit-60
6GBPCADBuy1.70101.69001.7110Close 1.704030
7GBPCADBuy1.69851.69001.7110Close 1.704055
8EURGBPSell0.89350.90650.8810Close at 0.891520
9EURNZDBuy1.75151.74001.7650SL Hit-115
10EURUSDSell1.13201.13851.1240Close 1.129525
11EURJPYSell123.30124.50121.80TP Hit150
12GBPAUDSell1.82801.83201.8105SL Hit-40
13GBPNZDSell1.94821.95651.9375SL Hit-83
14GBPAUDSell1.83101.84501.8105Close 1.824862
15GBPUSDSell1.27651.28001.2615SL Hit-35
16AUDUSDSell0.69630.70350.6850SL Hit-72
17NZDUSDSell0.65420.6620.642TP Hit122
18USDCADSell1.34691.33151.366TP Hit191
19EURUSDSell1.13531.1421.1245Close 1.129855
20GBPUSDSell1.27021.28001.2600TP Hit102
21GBPUSDSell1.26221.2691.2535TP Hit87
22GBPCADSell1.71021.71751.698SL Hit-73
23GBPUSDBuy1.2521.2451.262Close 1.257050
24GBPUSDBuy1.2531.2451.262Close 1.254212
25GBPUSDSell1.2671.28151.246Close 1.2535135
26EURUSDSell1.1331.1371.125Close 1.128050
27EURCADSell1.53151.54051.5200Close 1.523085
28GBPAUDSell1.8241.83051.815SL Hit-65
29GBPUSDSell1.26271.26851.256TP Hit67
30EURJPYSell121.00121.7120.2TP Hit80
31USDJPYBuy106.9106.5107.6Close 106.80-10
32GBPAUD1.81721.8271.805TP Hit122
33GBPUSDBuy1.2465 1.23601.2570SL Hit -105
34GBPJPYBuy133.75132.20135.0SL Hit-155
35GBPJPYBuy133.40132.20135.00SL Hit-120
36EURCADSell1.5400135.001.5255SL Hit-70
37EURAUDSell1.64151.6560 1.6250TP Hit165
38EURAUDSell1.63621.64451.6262TP Hit100
39EURAUDSell1.63921.64701.6265TP Hit127
40EURCADSell1.53501.55001.5150Close 1.5237113
Total PIPs 1012

Total PIPs Gain +591 PIPs 1 Lot Trade Value = $5910 (aprx) Try for 15 Days!

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1 Take Profit Close 100% at time.

Risk Reward 1:2

Market Flow Strategy

Some Significiant Signals in This Month

Our Signal on EURUSD Live Trading. That alone made +115 PIPs

Our Signal on AUDUSD Live Trading. That alone made +116 PIPs

Two Signals on EURUSD Live Trading. That alone made +115 PIPs

Our Signal on USDCAD made +106 PIPs


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