How To Become Successful in Forex Trading?

how to make profit in forex
Everyone who starts trading Forex wants to succeed, but unfortunately, most don’t. Here are 4 key aspects of trading that traders need to master if they’re going to become successful in FOREX trading. Obviously, lack of training and poor technique lead to poor results, but all this is relatively easy to overcome. This article...
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EURUSD Technical forecast -19-23 Dec 2016

EURUSD now is in strong bearish mode. Last week it has broken the support at 1.0525. It has also broken the low created at 2015. The Price can go lower but before further bearish, some bullish retracement is expected to retest the broken support at 1.0525 followed by...
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Made +210 PIPs Profit On FOMC Event

accurate prediction fomc
Forex news trading profit by PreferForex Last day before FOMC we had preparation to catch the move, we had signal on USDCAD as follows Buy USDCAD from 1.3180-82 SL 1.3020 TP 1.3300, 1.3390 This signal reach to the final target 1.3390 and our premium made+210 PIIPs profit from...
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EURUSD FREE Forecast Reach The Target

EURSD forex forecast
Our previous forecast for the week on EURUSD  Reach The Target 1.0730  that is nearly +120 PIPs moved. The technical analysis is here Foretasted Chart –  Get our premium forex trading signal with exact entry price, take profit, stop loss. We maintain standard risk ratio with every signal click to...
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EURUSD Trading Forecast 14-18 Nov 2016

EURUSD is in bearish bias. It has tested the broken support at 1.1120 that works as resistance now and the price rejected from that resistance after a strong bullish movement during US Election. More bearish movement expected now targeting 1.0730. There are some important new fundamental issues in...
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