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GBPUSD Upside Continuation

The GBPUSD a strong upside occurred, it is likely that the GBPUSD currency pair moving the technical resistance 1.2700

We sell GBPUSD on 19th June, This is our Medium long term Signals. We sell from 1.2550 that point shows price breaks important key levels. The take profit of this signal was 90 PIPs and stop below support 50PIPs

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Our Signal Was As follows


Market Order:
Buy GBPUSD from 1.2550 Stop Loss 1.2500
Take Profit 1.2640


We use only 1 take profit there are NO TP1, TP2 So our members can make the full profit E.g. if 1 standard lot traded by this signals profit is $900 (aprx.)


Below the live-trading Proof

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