Forex Signals Review – January -2015

January comes with refreshing, energetic, enthusiastic moods after the year ending market closing.  Usually the market became tough in January but we have experienced some amazing trading opportunity in this month. As nature of our signal service, we send only high probable trade setup. We closed the month with +278 PIPs profit. Total numbers of signals 12, where 8 Profit signals and 4 loosing signals.
Some splendid trades of this month as follows, we can say our premium members also enjoy the delightful starting of the year. Our most important features are we trade discipline way all signals are well structured. We keep proper risk ratio.  To diversify portfolio we send both long time and short time signals. 
Most of the signals were sent as pending order that was an easy catch to gain those profits.

Our FREE Trade Forecasts Were Fulfilled Accurately

As an appreciation of joining our newsletter & social media, we publish some trading forecast. We like to present in simple chart analysis. Those also empowered with some other aspects. All of forecasts also fulfilled accurately.

Link of those free forecast

Trading Challenges were in this month

A historical move occurred on 15 January SNB

On January 15th Switzerland’s central bank, the Swiss National Bank (SNB), removed the cap on its currency that reflects a historical movement on CHF pairs. Many financial farms face big losses. It was also a challenge to make the best trade in this scenario. We get back into trade with our promising forex signals.

Read about SNB surprise here: Swiss Central Bank Move Rocks Currency 

Euro Zone QE Declaration in this month

ECB’s quantitative easing program worth at least 1.1 trillion euros. Bloomberg reported “Mario Draghi led the European Central Bank into a new era” that also bound all traders to trade cautiously in this month.  All of the above aspects we have had nice starting of 2015 now taking preparation for even successful February 2015. The first week of the month, as usual, have Nonfarm payroll, USD in several years high against some other currencies. Europe triggered QE. Let see the  US NFP report. There is some scope to trade conservatively in this news event.