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About Trading, Profit & Risk Ratio

Deposit amount depends on how much a trader can afford or how much a trader wants to make a profit in a month, more deposit can bring more profit. In general, USD 5K is standard as initial deposit. But a Trader can start with a low deposit and can increase gradually.

Profit percent can be varied from 5-15% per month, but we expect a minimum 5% profit in a month with a very low risk of about 3% per trade. More profit can be made by increasing the risk percentage. But our recommendation is 3% risk per trade

Our trading performance, track record, trading privileged is verified by Myfxbook, YOU will find that real gain and abs gain is equal.

Our strategy is based on some deep forex market moving mechanism. We have provided forex signal successfully since 2013. Now we have started the trade copy system with more accurate trading strategies.

All of our trade have Stop loss and take profit with around 1:2 risk/reward ratio.

We trade only on major currency pair: EURUSD, BBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD & USDCAD

About VPS, MT4 EA

For the perfect operation of a trade copier system, you have to keep your MT4 running all the time with non-interrupted internet connectivity. If you can’t ensure this, you need a computer to run your MT4 24 hours with an internet connection. If you can provide this setup or if you have your own VPS then you can subscribe Standard Plan where we provide you the copier EA with an instruction guide on how to set up. Or If you want us to do everything then you can subscribe Premium Plan where we install and run your MT4 all the time with an internet connection and set up the EA and handle all technical things on your MT4.

We have not any recommended broker, you can open your account with any broker you want. But the low spread and good ECN brokers are suggested

Our Copier System is for MT4 Trading Terminal. Any Broker having MT4 terminal is suitable for our Trade Coping System.

About Join

All YOU need to choose a package from this page. Our support team contact you and will be with you all the long.

After completing your payment, our support team contact you based on subscription plan and activate YOUR Service.

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One More Question?

Our Customer Support team open 24/7. If You required any other support Just drop a mail. We are here to Quick Answer.

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