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EURGBP Important Key Levels [Video]

Technical Analysis on EURGBP

EURGBP Seems Weaker

Heightened uncertainty around the Brexit negotiations
UK CPI Macro Event

EURUSD Rejected From 1.1265

According to my Previous Analysis, the target of the recent movement of the EURUSD is 1.1265 which is the upper boundary of the recent 150 pips range of this pair. Price has moved according to this expectation. But it can’t break the level 1.1265. It tries to break the level twice but got rejected both times. The nearer demand zone is marked by the orange level and the price is expected to test the level 1.2-1.117 and followed by the lower boundary of the range. Price also has the change to move bullish again upon the reaction on this level of 1.12-1.117.

Key levels of USDCAD ahead of Fed Chair Powell Speaks.

Keep an eye on cad Ahead of CAD Trade Balance and Fed Chair Powell Speaks.

The Key level are there.

The key levels are 1.3410. The price has a chance to test the level before going further bullish. If the price can break the level successfully then we can see the price to go more down targeting 1.3750 before further bullish movement

The pair remain is in an uptrend on longer time view. You can see it details analysis here. https://preferforex.com/usdcad-approaching-to-recent-high/


Key Levels of NZDUSD ahead of RBNZ Event

Keep an eye on NZDUSD pair ahead of RBNZ statement and the official cash rate

The Key level is 0.6580. Now the pair is trading around the level. Last week the price bounce back from the level. If the price holds the level, then a bullish movement is expected targeting 0.67150. A successful break of the level can move the price further low to the target o.6450.

NZDUSD Key Levels

GBPUSD range is becoming smaller

GBPUSD Expected a Breakout

GBPUSD is moving sideways from some days. The trading range is becoming smaller with the maintaining of a falling edge. The main support at 1.2775 and the price will be bullish until the price breaks down this support. The nearer support at 1.2960. If this support will be held then price can resume the bullish movement towards the target of 1.3270.

NZDUSD is falling from Support

After testing the resistance area twice NZDUSD is now falling towards the support at 0.6715. This support is an important zone because if the price can break this support more falling towards 0.6590 will be initiated. But a strong rejection from this zone can move the price again to the upward direction.


EURUSD has been traded in range bound condition from several months. It has broken a range on the downside on 7th March, 19, but then it has entered to a new range, the upper boundary on the new range is 1.1450 and the lower boundary of the range is 1.1175. It is now heading towards the lower boundary, if it can break down successfully this area then we can expect more falling, but a rejection from this boundary we can expect the price to go up again targeting the upper boundary of the range.

forex technical analysis on eurusd

EURUSD is continuing bullish with the target of 1.2040.

After a short term bearish retracement, ERUUSD is again moving bullish. It has broken its recent high on last Friday. There are some short term supports at 1.1890 and 1.1846 and these are the possible targeted zones of bearish corrective movement. Still, we have not found any indication of USD strength. So it is expected the pair will continue moving bullish and the next bullish target could be 1.2040 followed by 1.2247. But the bullish bias can be compromised if the pair break below the level 1.1660 and that time we need to reanalysis the market.

In this week there is an important fundamental aspects Non-Farm Payroll that will also give us clues to analyze USD strength again.

eurusd technical overview


EURUSD in consolidation with a short term downside bias.

In the technical overview EURUSD remains with in a consolidation from some days. The main bias is still bullish as it breaks the support at 1.1710 and 1.1612. Now the pair is moving slowly with a short term downside bias. The movement is corrective now and it is too early to call any types of reversal. But before further bullish movement it is expected the downward movement would continue to move deeper to retrace the area of 1.1612 which is act as a support now. There is resistance at 1.2042 which could be the next target of the bullish bias.

The fundamentals issues for upcoming week – EURUSD

In this week market attention will be Jakcson Hole Symposium, where the policymakers from different counties will meet to discuss economic policy, Fed chairman Yellen and ECB precedent Draghi will deliver their speech here traders will be looking for sign of market from this event.

EURUSD forex forecast


EURUSD is in Bearish Retracing Movement, Preparing to be Bullish Again.

EURUSD has broken a large range and hold above it. Now we are having a retracing bearish movement. There is a support at 1.1713 that could be the target of this retracement. The next target of the bullish movement could be the level of 1.2034 which is offering a resistance.

eurusd forex signal



GBPUSD rebounded to hit of 1.2834-77, further Drop is Coming.

GBPUSD breaks the short term low at 1.2770 and holds below it. Now the pair is moving bullish to retrace. According to long term view the pair breaks the resistance at 1.2705 and 1.2620 and holds above it and now the pair is pull backing to retest the zone at 1.2705 to 1.2620. It is expected the current downward movement would continue to move deeper targeting 1.2750 followed by 1.2620. Before further down it has also a chance to retest the area at 1.2834-77 which is act as resistance. The scenario will be invalid if the pair breaks the high at 1.3046 and that can make the bullish movement more strong.


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EURUSD FREE Forecast Reach The Target

Our previous forecast for the week on EURUSD  Reach The Target 1.0730  that is nearly +120 PIPs moved. The technical analysis is here

Foretasted Chart – 

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EURUSD Trading Forecast 14-18 Nov 2016

EURUSD is in bearish bias. It has tested the broken support at 1.1120 that works as resistance now and the price rejected from that resistance after a strong bullish movement during US Election. More bearish movement expected now targeting 1.0730.

There are some important new fundamental issues in this week including ECB president speaks and FED Chair testifies that will also indicate further strength of those currencies.



EURUSD Trading Forecast 3-7 Oct 2016

Previous month EURUSD was trading within a range. I have said in my previous analysis that price will retest the 1.1130 before further bullish that was fulfilled. As per EURUSD daily chart it is in bullish move but traded in a range. In this condition price can break either side of the range. According to Weekly chart Price has broken the support at 1.1220 then retests it. As the price is in small rang on daily chart so we have to observe the price on the upper and lower boundary of the range. But in weekly chart it has broken the support. So, it is expected the price will resume bearish movement and the target will be the lower boundary of the range 1.1120 and if it can break the level then the next target will be 1.1045.

eurusd daily technical outlook

EURUSD daily technical Overview


eurusd weekly forecast

EURUSD Weekly Trading Chart

There are some fundamental issues on both currencies including US Nonfarm payroll that will also indicate further direction of the pair.

EURUSD Technical Forecast 12-16 Sept-2016

EURUSD is in consolidation according to weekly chart. As per 4 hours chart the market is trying to go bullish movement. Last week the price tried to go bullish from the support at 1.1130 but back from a short term resistance at 1.1270. According to Daily chart the price is now ahead to the support of 1.1170 and 1.1130. It is expected that the price will be go bullish again; but it also has a chance to retest the support at 1.1170 followed by 1.1130 before going further bullish. The target of the bullish movement can be 1.1365 followed by 1.1430.

See below the 4 hours chart of EURUSD

free forex signals

EURUSD Daily Chart

free forex signal

There are some fundamental issues on both of currency including ECB President speaks that will also indicate further strength of the pair.


PreferForex Signals of September 2016

Last month August was started with ups and down profit but lastly we have made +223 PIPs. Started September with nice profit with EURUSD.

Pending order – Buy EURUSD from 1.1140 SL 1.1120 TP 1.1165, 1.1195

You may notice in this above trading alert has 2 target prices those are 1.1165 and 1.1195. From this month we have changed some rule in money management for better profit. Now we are keeping 2 target price.We have written about the trade management elaborately in our “Forex Trade Management” hand book that is FREE for every premium member which goes to member’s email directly instantly after subscription.

Since this EURUSD forex signal was as pending order we sent out this long before of moving market, so every members got plenty of time to enter the trade.  After activating the trade market moves greatly with spike that helps to fulfill our target in very short time. Below the screen shot of our trading on 1st Sept-2016


EURUSD Weekly Trading Forecast 20-24 June, 2016

It shows that EURUSD is in the range bound condition according to the weekly chart. It is in the top of the range and rejected hugely by the weekly candle. It is expected that the bearish movement will be continued. According to our last week forecast, we stated that the weekly target of the bearish movement was 1.1210 followed by 1.1070. The target 1.1210 gets fulfilled. Now it is expected the bearish movement will continue to the next target 1.1070. According to weekly and daily, the area of 1.1070 offers support and we need to observe the price there to see how it react on that level to decide further movement.


EURUSD Weekly Trading Forecast 13 June, 2016 By PreferForex

It shows that EURUSD is in a range bounded according to the weekly time frame. It is now in the top of the range. It tested the upper boundary of the range and rejected hugely from the resistance 1.1465. Now the more bearish movement is expected to target 1.1210 followed by 1.1070. The area of 1.1210 and 1.1070 offer short term support and upon the reaction of those level, further movement can be decided.

There are some important fundamental in this week including FOMC statement and ECB president speaks in this week, those issues will also indicate the further strengthening of the pair.

eursud forex signal

EURUSD Weekly Forex Trading Forecast 29th Nov, 2015

EURUSD Weekly Forex Trading Forecast

It shows that EURUSD is in a strong bearish bias. After a long time, around 6 months range the price is now trading below 1.0800. According to our previous analysis, the target was 1.0800 and the target was fulfilled and price also breaks this support at 1.0810 and continues falling. Now it is near on another support level at 1.0520-1.0460. We need to observe how the price reacts around this level. A successful break on this level will initiate the target of 1.0200 which is a support that was created in July 2002. If the price can’t break then we can have some bullish retracement.

There are some important fundamental in this week including ECB press conference that will also indicate EURO strength, and some of the fundamental on USD including NFP that will also indicate further USD movement.

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EURUSD Weekly Trading Forecast 19 Oct, 2015

It shows that EURUSD is in bullish bias. It has broken the upper boundary of a range at 1.1300, last week it has also broken a high at 1.1460 but can’t sustain and move back to below the high. As the main bias is still bullish it is expected that the price may go more bullish but a small bearish retracement can occur before going further bullish. And the retracement area can be 1.2500-1.1300 as it’s a significant area where the price can retest before going further bullish. The target of the bullish movement can be 1.1450 followed by 1.1520.

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